Anna Stuard

Anna Stuard

I've been working with children since 2015. I provide psychotherapy and counseling to children.

Anna Stuard

I provide psychotherapy and counseling to children and adolescents between the ages of five and seventeen, consulting with parents as needed. Talking, play therapy, and art therapy are just some of the treatment approaches we use, depending on the young person's age and emotional and developmental needs. 

I can help children and adolescents who are recovering from trauma, suffering from depression or anxiety, or going through difficult periods in their lives caused by events such as illness, bereavement, moving abroad, starting a new school, or parental divorce. We also work with adolescents who self-harm or suffer from addictions and eating disorders. 


  • Conflict with Parents
  •  Behavioral Problems at home/school
  •  Bullying 
  •  A history of Abuse (emotional, physical and/or sexual)
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